fRoots Magazine Review of Close: Music for an Exhibition

May 2012 issue of fRoots magazine:

Close: Music for an Exhibition

The exhibition being Allan Pollok-Morris’s photographs and book Close: A Journey in Scotland, concerned with gardens and garden design. Not necessarily the most obvious subject fora set of musical themes, and one that could miss the point without the photographs, you might think, but the trio Little Sparta have come up with a lovely , haunting collection of moods that stand up very well on their own.

Throughout the contrast between the mostly strummed electric and sometimes acoustic guitars of Alan D. Boyd with the straightforward yet subtle drumming of Scott Skinner, and the long, held violin notes of Susie Honeyman creates a gentle tension which can’t help but bring visual effects to mind - not necessarily those of the exhibition.

With the Mekons Honeymans playing is often held back behind the vocals and guitars, but here it stands on its own and gives a flow to slower tracks such as ^branch Water^and The Moment UNdone, while the more upbeat, optimistic Spring has an internal, but never overdone, bounce. There’s an empathy behind all the music that communicates itself to the listener and gives the album an organic feel, coming up from the photographs rather than imposing upon them; and as such, it bears many listens.

You can see some of the photos on and Pollok-Morris’s website, - but you don't have to, which is an achievement in itself.

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